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kaveHungarians like to start their day with coffee, usually a super strong espresso, followed by more throughout the day. Coffee-to-go and American-style drip coffee are not very popular and traditional coffee houses are still preferred over chains. Even the many Mc Cafés along with Starbucks try to adapt to the local coffee drinking traditions by serving their drinks in china cups.

Cafés (kávéház) have a long tradition in Budapest. The coffee culture began as early as the 16th century during the Turkish occupation and it flourished during the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 19th century, when there were over 400 coffee houses in the city. Ever since, Budapest has always had many cafés where people sit and chat. Some of the coffee houses are famous for their history, while others used to be the center of intellectual life. In recent years many of the grand cafés were restored to their original splendor keeping the coffee culture very much alive. So, in a milieu like this, why would anybody want coffee-to-go in a paper cup?


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